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Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar
European Restaurants   Alabang, Muntinlupa
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Westgate Center, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila



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Mon-Sat 11:30 AM 02:00 PM
06:00 PM 10:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM 10:00 PM
 November 29 2015, 04:21:00
Passion in the Plate
Food  5
Ambiance  5
Service  4
Price  4
Source: http://konyoqueen.com/2015/11/28/terrys-bistro/

I was invited this week to dine at Terry's Bistro or Terry's Selection, which mainly serves authentic Spanish cuisine but has begun to explore fusions to cater to a broader market. It was established by Juan Carlos de Terry, a native Spaniard who seeks to bring both purity and originality to his creations.

Terry's Bistro has 4 branches in Metro Manila: McKinley Hill, Salcedo Village, Chino Roces Street and The Podium. (We visited McKinley.) The general ambiance was intimate, which is expected of a Spanish restaurant, because the Spanish love to eat leisurely, drink wine and talk over good food. The bistro is on the second floor because the ground floor is a deli with a huge selection of wines. We had the option of pairing our meal with a glass of wine. The meal would have been incomplete without it! The wines of the day were Zuccardi Serie A Syrah 2011, Santa Rosa Chardonnay 2011 and Homenaje Rosé 2014.

1. Amuse Bouche & Entrée

To whet the appetite, we started off with the Suspiros de Santona, a bite-sized cherry tomato with tuna belly flakes, a drizzle of Spanish balsamic vinaigrette, and a dab of homemade anchovy mayonnaise.

The Fresh Oysters Sharing the True Flavors of Galician Escabeche also did a pretty good job. The dish had a nice, clean flavor. Simple but very neat and elegant. The sherry vinegar marinade gave it a subtle, lasting aftertaste.

It was followed by the Croquettas de Cocido, which is not your average croquette. It had a good balance between mashed potatoes and bursting béchamel sauce, the latter of which is usually absent or unnoticeable in most croquettes. Another thing we liked about it is the not-so-thick layer of breading. Overall, the dish was executed well and is easily one of my favorites.

Finally, we had The Kings Ransom Stilton Salad, which contained some grilled shrimp, walnuts, Stilton cheese, Rioja smoked pancetta and pomelo. I found it to be not as competitive as the others dishes, but it was good on its own.

2. Main Course

By the time we got to the main course, we were pretty excited. The famed Dinuguan Risotto did not disappoint! It's an innovative dish that uses authentic dinuguan ingredients like pork blood and innards with the Arborio rice. It really captured the consistency and the character of dinuguan while translating it into a different cuisine. Genius!

We also had the Callos a La Andaluza, a dish that Terry's is a proud of for being loyal to the original Spanish recipe. I'm not really a callos person--nor a callous one (see what I did there?)--but I came to appreciate it for the rich, savory flavor in the thick sauce. Bread refill please!

Another fusion dish that Terry's had to offer was The Seafood Curry Symphony. A medley of scallops, clams, squid rings and shrimp laid around a bed of Basmati rice, this dish was not so bad but might have been better if the curry were a lot creamier and filled with spice.

3. Dessert

A perfect end to a great meal, Terry's desserts are simply amazing! The overall winner in this course is the Flan de la Buela for its light consistency. This is an original recipe of the owner's mother that does not use any sugar whatsoever. It is ultimately the technique in preparing this dessert that gives it the fluffy yet creamy texture. I just had to have another bite!

The Marquesa de Chocolate was also brilliantly executed. It's sort of like a frozen chocolate mousse that I found to be delightfully creamy. Another reason to love Terry's!

Finally, we were served with the Tarta Imperial Rusa, a Russian tart that is usually served in imperial banquets. It is similar to Sans Rival, but a lot sweeter and denser. It's perfect for people with a sweet tooth and a penchant for the Motherland Russia.

Read Full Review Here: http://eat-play-love.me/2015/11/28/terrys-bistro/
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