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BibimHaru Korean Restaurant
Korean Restaurants   Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay
 January 04 2016, 05:39:11
Food  3
Ambiance  3
Service  2
Price  4
My boyfriend and I decided to eat here only because all other dining establishments near the Color Manila event were already full. We were starving and didn't want to go far to eat, so we tried this resto. We ordered bibimbap, crispy chicken wings, and chapchae.

Their bibimbap and some other meals come in 2 sizes: light and hungry. We opted for the latter and regretted our choice. The ensemble looked amazing, very Instagram-worthy, but the taste? Meh. It was okay, but the vegetables didn't taste as fresh as they should be. We've definitely tasted much better bibimbap at a much cheaper price, with more beef as well.

The chicken wings were impressive upon being served, plus they smelled really nice. All 4 pieces were crispy, but not as flavorful as we expected them to be. The salt-pepper flavor was limited to the chicken skin, and the inner meat simply tasted like boiled chicken. Definitely a disappointment!

I was prepared to also be disappointed with the chapchae, but thank goodness it actually tasted good. It's more on the sweet side, so it could still improve on having a good balance of both sweet and savory flavors. It had a good noodle-sahog (meat & veggies) ratio.

As for the service, it was forgettable. There were only 2 servers at that time (between 9-10). It was difficult to get their attention despite not having a full house. While getting our orders, we didn't have the full attention of the server, as he was also talking to other customers from another table. BibimHaru definitely needs much improvement on service!

Overall, I won't recommend this place unless it's the only one with available tables. There are much better Korean restaurants out there. I would commend them for their good-looking food as well as their acceptable price-serving ratio, though. Oh, and this is the first time for us to encounter a Korean resto that DOES NOT serve free or unlimited banchan (side dishes/appetizers). A diner needs to buy them for P75 (choose 3 kinds). That's definitely a big minus for me.
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