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Halal Guys
Persian Restaurants   Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong
 4 days ago.
New York's famous street food
Food  3
Ambiance  3
Service  4
Price  4
Falafel, chicken, gyro or combo? Try them with rice or as a wrap.
 December 05 2015, 07:05:22
Why was there a line for this?
Food  2
Ambiance  2
Service  3
Price  1
If you want flavor, just go buy shawarma from any shawarma stand you can find on the streets. I don't understand the hype about the Halal Guys at all. Their rice tasted almost like nothing, even plain old steamed white rice at home tastes so much better than their rice. The pita was stale and hard. The meats and falafel were not that bad, but not good enough to save the dish. The best part I think would be the veggies that came with the meal coz they were crunchy and fresh. Not worth the money nor the calorie intake. I really don't understand why anyone would stand in line for this. I don't know if it tastes better in the states, but the one here.. Nope.
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