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Ukokkei Ramen Ron
Ramen Restaurants   Arnaiz Ave., Makati
     The source of the delicious soup is a rare kind of chicken, the Ukokkei. A long time ago, it has been used in Chinese medicinal cooking because the nutrients were effective for stabilizing blood pressure, revitalizing the liver, and preventing aging and other stuff. Since the soup is stewed for 12 hours, it gives it the golden colour and makes it so flavorful. They serve three types of ramen: miso, soy sauce and salt which are all ordered from Japan.

  Restaurant Menu

Zaru Ramen ₱520
Rice (Regular) ₱60
Curry Rice (Half) ₱180
Curry Rice (Regular) ₱280
Chahan (Half) ₱150
Chahan (Regular) ₱260
Yaki Gyoza ₱120
Ukokkei Hiyashi Ramen Goma ₱360
Aburasoba ₱340
Ukokkei Hiyashi Ramen Shoyu ₱360
Rice (Half) ₱30
Soup ₱220
Hiyashi ₱680
Miso Butter ₱700
Shio Butter ₱660
Abura Soba ₱640
Nira Ninniku ₱700
Chashu - Big!!! ₱740
Koumi - Big!!! ₱620
Ramen ₱560
Omori ₱120
Garlic ₱40
Koumi ₱40
Ukokkei Miso ₱300
Ukokkei Shio Butter Corn ₱350
Ukokkei Nira Ninniku Shio ₱360
Ukokkei Shio Koumi ₱330
Ukokkei Shio Chashu ₱380
Ukokkei Shio ₱300
Ukokkei Nira Ninniku Shoyu ₱360
Ukokkei Shoyu Koumi ₱330
Ukokkei Shoyu Chashu ₱380
Ukokkei Miso Chashu ₱380
Ukokkei Miso Butter Corn ₱360
Karamiso ₱50
Butter ₱50
Corn ₱30
Negi ₱40
Moyashi ₱30
Menma ₱40
Ajitamago ₱40
Chashu ₱120
Ukokkei Nira Ninniku Karamiso ₱360
Ukokkei Shoyu ₱300
San Miguel Pale Pilsen ₱60
Sake ₱350
Chu-Hi ₱150
Green Tea (Pitcher) ₱100
Green Tea (Glass) ₱55
Oolong Tea (Pitcher) ₱100
Oolong Tea (Glass) ₱55
Four Season ₱85
Pineapple ₱70
Royal Orange ₱60
Sprite ₱60
Coke Zero ₱60
Coke Regular ₱60
San Miguel Light ₱60
Mineral Water ₱55
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