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Ramen Daisho
Ramen Restaurants   Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong
     Ramen Daisho‘s soup uses only high-quality ingredients. It is made with medicinal herbs used for cooking in China. The noodles are made in Japan. They have three types of noodles: chewy curly noodles, soft flat noodles, and the straight noodles, specifically Hakata-style noodles.

  Restaurant Menu

Miso Ramen (Regular) ₱300
Cold Zaru Ramen (Regular) ₱350
Cold Zaru Ramen (Large) ₱670
Chashu ₱120
Nitamago ₱40
Menma ₱40
Moyashi ₱30
Negi ₱40
Corn ₱30
Butter ₱50
Karamiso ₱50
Koumi ₱40
Garlic Chili ₱40
Gyoza ₱110
Yakibuta Chahan ₱250
Beef Curry Rice (Regular) ₱270
Beef Curry Rice (Half) ₱170
Rice (Regular) ₱60
Hakata Garlic Abura-Men (Large) ₱560
Hakata Garlic Abura-Men (Regular) ₱300
Miso Ramen (Large) ₱560
Miso Chashu-Men (Regular) ₱380
Miso Chashu-Men (Large) ₱740
Shoyu Ramen (Regular) ₱300
Shoyu Ramen (Large) ₱560
Shoyu Ramen with Leek Oil (Regular) ₱320
Shoyu Ramen with Leek Oil (Large) ₱580
Shoyu Chashu-Men (Regular) ₱380
Shoyu Chashu-Men (Large) ₱740
Shio Ramen (Regular) ₱300
Shio Ramen (Large) ₱560
Shio Chashu Men (Regular) ₱380
Shio Chashu Men (Large) ₱740
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (Regular) ₱300
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (Large) ₱560
Hakata Tonkotsu Chashu-Men (Regular) ₱380
Hakata Tonkotsu Chashu-Men (Large) ₱670
Rice (Half) ₱30
Coke ₱60
San Miguel Beer ₱60
Bottled Water ₱50
Iced Tea ₱50
Oolong Tea ₱60
Pineapple Juice ₱60
Orange Juice ₱60
Mango Juice ₱60
Royal Tru-Orange ₱60
Sprite ₱60
Coke Zero ₱60
San Mig Light ₱60
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